Mudjacking - Omaha, NE

S & J Caulking proudly offers mudjacking, also known as concrete leveling services, in Omaha to help local clients fix their problems with uneven concrete. Our concrete leveling solutions include a 3-year warranty to assure your satisfaction. When it comes to concrete lifting, S&J Caulking always utilizes the finest, cutting-edge mudjacking equipment to ensure your concrete is in pristine condition, allowing for nothing to “fall through the cracks” -no pun intended!

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking involves raising or leveling concrete by using a concrete leveling machine to hydraulically pump a lightweight form of concrete, dirt, and water mixture (also referred to as “mud” or “slurry”) underneath your concrete driveways, sidewalk, and other uneven concrete surfaces. This special concrete material will essentially fill any holes, gaps, cracks, or pockets that have formed in your concrete surfaces.

The Concrete Leveling / Mudjacking Process

Our concrete lifting contractors are highly-trained in the art of concrete raising, and follow a regimented process with meticulous attention to detail. Here’s a breakdown of the mudjacking process:

  1. Drill small holes into concrete driveways, sidewalks, etc. where concrete is sinking, cracked, or uneven.
  2. Use hydraulic mudjacking pump/ concrete leveling machine to pump the “slurry” mixture. (This can be a combination of cement, soil, sand, clay, and additional materials.)
  3. The concrete “mud” mixture fills any holes or voids and naturally raises the concrete through expansion.
  4. The holes drilled by our mudjacking contractors are patched with cement that matches your existing surface, so you’ll never even know concrete or driveway repair was done in the first place!
  5. Our professional concrete leveling team evaluates all work to make sure that all holes are completely filled and that concrete lifting was done evenly before any mud jacking job is complete.

 Mudjacking Fixes these Common Problems from Uneven Concrete:

  • Reduces Erosion
  • Reduced Risk of Leaks/Water Damage
  • Lowers Safety Hazards from Tripping on Cracks and Gaps in Concrete
  • Provides a Smooth Concrete Surface for Walking, Skating, Driving, or Biking


S & J Provides Concrete Leveling to Fix Any Uneven Concrete Surface

If you have soil underneath your concrete, the chances are you’ll require concrete leveling at some point. The Omaha weather, heavy precipitation, moisture from plumbing leaks, and many other additional factors that cause the soil beneath your concrete to expand, contract, or dry out, creates concrete settling. Mudjacking is a much easier, faster, and more affordable way to repair concrete than a full concrete replacement. S & J Caulking offers professional, affordable mudjacking for all your Omaha business or residential needs. We provide concrete leveling or mudjacking services for:

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Sidewalks & Walkways

Concrete Patios

Concrete Steps

Garage Floors

Parking Areas

Pool Decks

Overall, mudjacking is popular among our Omaha-area clients because it is about half the cost of replacing concrete. Concrete leveling is an eco-friendly solution because the materials used as filler are natural. Our concrete leveling contractors can be finished with your project within a mere day or two, which means minimal disruption to the routine of your Omaha home or business. Our S&J Caulking crew is so efficient, you’ll hardly notice we are there! We have the concrete leveling equipment to do everything from mudjacking driveways to entire parking lots, so there is no job we can’t handle!

Call S & J Caulking’s concrete leveling and mudjacking contractors today and we’ll ensure your concrete is restored better than ever before!