Tuck Pointing Brick Repair - Omaha, NE

If you need brick repair for crumbling mortar joints, don’t delay! Call S & J Caulking’s tuckpointing repair contractors to rejuvenate your brick masonry and add beauty and value to your Omaha home!

S&J Caulking offers expert tuck-pointing brick repair services to help extend the life of your brick surfaces. Tuckpointing can prevent major structural problems that can occur with aged, cracked, or crumbling mortar between bricks. Whether you need your entire home’s brick walls repaired or a smaller project, such as chimney tuck pointing, S & J Caulking’s trained professionals use cutting-edge tuckpointing tools and perform every tuck pointing brick repair job with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Worried about the tuckpointing cost? S & J Caulking offers competitive pricing on all caulking, sealing, and tuck pointing services, so you can rest easy that you are saving time and money on future potential costly repairs from unattended brick damage.

“My Mortar is Crumbling”

Many of our Omaha clients don’t know what tuck pointing is, or even realize that they might need it. If you notice the mortar between your bricks is crumbling, corroded, or in need of attention, tuck pointing is a cost-effective solution for brick repair and maintenance. Essentially, tuck-pointing is a type of brick repair that is done by replacing mortar joints with weather damage or corrosion with fresh mortar, without having to rebuild the entire brick structure.

How is Tuckpointing Done?

The S & J Contractors are highly-trained in the tuck pointing process, and follow these basic steps when fixing mortar joints with tuck pointing. Here is our basic tuck-pointing process:

  1. Our tuck point team removes only the damaged, crumbling mortar joints at a single depth. We carefully inspect to ensure all the damaged mortar is removed.
  2. We use specialized tuckpointing tools to refill the mortar joint areas where mortar was removed.
  3. Our brick repair experts carefully ensure that we fill in mortar color that is an exact match to the original, so you won’t even be able to tell the difference!

Why Do I Need Tuck Pointing?

  • Tuck pointing protects and reinforces your brick and masonry structures to avoid major structural damage. If you have weak mortar joints, you could potentially have your walls or chimney collapse. Therefore, tuckpointing keeps your brick strong and your Omaha family safe.
  • Tuckpointing prevents rain, snow, and other moisture from seeping into your walls. When water seeps into the cracks in your brick, it could potentially cause expansion when temps change, thus creating more cracks and corrosion.
  • Since tuck pointing is a great defense against moisture, it also saves you from potential mold, mildew, rot, and other insidious problems that often are not noticed until it’s too late.
  • Tuck-pointing is a preventative brick repair solution—much more affordable than having to completely rebuild or replace brick masonry.
  • Tuck pointing adds value and aesthetic appeal to your Omaha property, because nobody wants a home with lackluster, unsafe brick walls!

Contact S & J Caulking today for a free consultation for our tuck pointing brick repair services, and keep your Omaha home beautiful and protected!